Port fleet of Baltic Sea Tug Agency (Ust-Luga port) expanded with two new tugboats

The development of commercial sea port of Ust-Luga means more calls and requires expansion of port services. To meet the demand for tugboats’ services, the port’s largest towing-and-tugboat company, Baltic Sea Tug Agency, has expanded its port fleet to 8 units.




The fleet enables the Company to provide services and support for towing, underwater engineering, dredging, hydrographic and hydraulic engineering projects.‎

‎The fleet includes the state-of-the-art ice-class ASD tractor tugs of 3600hp to 5200hp capacity equipped with FF systems, able to escort large tonnage dry bulk carriers, oil tankers, as well as small tugs and engineering ships.‎


The company is a ship owner and a towing and industrial ship operator that carries out its activities at the main Russian ports in the Gulf of Finland.

The company’s fleet consists of modern azimuth ice-class harbor tugs with a capacity ranging from 3,200 hp to 4,000 hp, which are equipped with external fire-fighting equipment, can escort a convoy and can be used with large-capacity dry-cargo vessels and oil tankers.        


The company specializes primarily in providing the services in the field of commercial navigation:

Basic year-round services:

  • mooring / unmooring / re-mooring of vessels
  • towing and towing escorts in the port basin
  • escort of large tonnage vessels
  • escorting of oversized cargo

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